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Charlie Battery - 1959 - 1969

Site News - Summer 2011





Another Summer Down...!

ust when it seems that we have discovered, found, been given contributions, and feeling that finally the well has gone dry, along come new people offering new materials, records, narratives of passed events, and images that fill in the gaps that tells the full story of Charlie Battery.

The Honor Roll

On a somber note, we announce that the Honor Roll section of the web site has finally been completed. I wanted to present a sense of reverence, honor, and respect, and I hope it conveys those principles of dignity. There some who I don't have image for, so check out the page and if you have any photos that we can use kindly give us a shout out. Please visit the Honor Roll Section and do not hesitate to express your opinion of how it looks and feels to you. I also want to express my appreciation to Jim Fitzpatrick for his images and encouragement in this project.

Former Battery Members

A number of Former Charlie Battery personnel from the 1963-1965 era, Messers Tim Hannagan, Wisconsin - Pete Nault, Michigan - and Bob Heil, Tennessee, as well as Sgt. John S Standerfer and his wife Charlotte of Texas, from the 1966-1968 era, have checked in. We are glad to hear from you, glad you all found the web site and have reconnected with old kommrads.

Tim sat at the same bench I did as Alpha Section Panel Operator, and drove a 5 ton cargo truck as I did, so much in common, and he has some great stories I will share later. He is a professional photographer and you can visit his website if you "Click Here". Also, be sure to read his Guest Book entry, it's a good one.

John Standerfer was assistant section chief over at Charlie Section, and he and his wife Charlotte lived in Brackenheim, and have pictures of the area to contribute. (I can hardly wait - pant pant) John also has some great stories of Brackenheim. So again, Welcome to everyone...!

Rare Gerszewski Photos

Charlie Battery has also made a new friend named Hans Roeper, who originally grew up in Karlsruhe, Deutschland. As a teenager he would ride his bike out to Kneilingen to visit the Nike Site at Gerszewski Barracks. He had a little 110 camera and actually documented the launching area. You old guys remember that beautiful mosquito infested lowland that was so much fun to pull duty and walk guard, don't you?

We are excited to actually have documentation of that launching area. I think it’s probably a very rare image. Hans also donated several other images, so look for them in the Launching Area Section , on page 5 and page 6.

Actually, we now have 6 images of various parts of Gerszewski Kaserne, if we can get 4 or more images it can have its own section on the Navigation Bar.

Hans has an interesting story in his own right. As a young man he immigrated to America and joined the U.S. Army and was stationed in Germany, serving in a number of different capacities.

After the Army he came back to America, got his citizenship, worked for awhile, and then re-enlisted and retired from the Air Force. He later worked for the U.S. Postal Service. I've had had a number of enjoyable conversation with Hans, and he is a gentleman of good spirits and comradeship, and we sincerely value his contributions and support of our efforts. Be sure to read his entry in the Charlie Battery Guest Book as well. Thank you for your good energy Hans...!

New Archive Additions

There are new materials and records in the Archives web page, that have been contributed by several different Charlie Battery members and friends.

There are two new images of two different sports teams provided by Jim Fitzpatrick. One is the Charlie Battery Baseball Champions of 1960.

I think one of the biggest problems the battery had after completing our new sports complex was keeping Major League Baseball and NBA scouts at bay. Especially after the the baseball team won the championship. They certainly had an eye for all that World Series potential.

The second PDF image is of the basketball team. In both of the images there are a few players that I don’t recognize, so any help in identifying them would be appreciated.

Both teams are the product of the beautiful new sports complex created down in the launching are, that included a baseball field and a basketball court, which we all had a part of creating. You recall that memorable day when all of the available battery personnel were loaded into duce and a halves and trucked down to launching area to police the baseball field. We were ordered to pick up all of the rocks we could find so the players would have a smooth service to play on. Everyone except Ken Nendick that is, he stayed in his car taking names and pictures, and making sure that of the rest of us did a good job.

Battery Historical Time Line

Another very interesting document comes to us from Herbert Ade-Thurow, our friend in Germany. He found some information in the Eppingen archives that gives a brief time line of the Charlie Battery Kaserne.

The county seat of the Charlie Battery area is Heilbronn. All auto licences begin with "HN". In 1971 Eppingen took over the administration of Kleingartach, Schwaigern took over the administration of Niederhofen, and in 1972 and 1974, Brackenheim took over administration of Haberschlact and Stockheim respectively. Therefore all of the archives of the villages would be transfered their administrative cities. Only Brackenheim and Kleingartach had a archival records that Herbert could find. I turned that archival information into a PDF file, so that it would be easier to view.

There is also a reference article to the above document that discusses the assignment of Pershing II QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) Units in the German magazine "Der Spiegel", which I have included for historical purposes. It's an interesting article reflecting the mind-set of that time from a German point of view.

Bill Griffin Article

After the reunion of 2008 Bill Griffin wrote an article, which he submitted to his local newspaper call “The Ocilla Star”. The Ocilla Star is published weekly and is the source for local news for the area. Doing research on their website and searching through their archives gave me a chance to get a feel for the people and the area.

Like the vineyards around Charlie Battery and their importance to the local economy, Ocilla, Georgia too is largely an agrarian based economy. It is an interesting article and again is in the Archives Section. Thanks Bill...!

So everyone sit back and enjoy the new materials. We appreciate all of the participation, interest, and support. So to all who came forward and to all of our site mates...

Thanks Guys...!

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