Beautiful Garmisch - Partenkirchen

A Storybook Adventure In The German Alps On Our Way To Italy

How can any more be said about Garmisch - Partenkirchen? Words like storybook, idyllic, charming, beautiful, began to do it some justice. However, until you've been there, in the center of this jewel like setting, it's not possible to fully grasp the true feeling and ambiance of this wonderful creation.

So you have this lovely “handcrafted village”, then you carefully place it in this stunning landscape and it almost becomes unreal, it really does come close to perfection.

The first time I was there was on a leave to Rome, Italy, with my good friend Marion Naeger. It was the fist overnight stop after leaving Charlie Battery going south, with a side trip to Dachau, then through the Munich and into the mountains. It was the perfect stop because there was the Military run Sheridan Plaza Hotel in Garmisch that was almost free to GI's, something like a dollar a night. What a way to wake up in the morning with those views out side your windows.

Garmisch really set the tone for our “Tour d'italia”. All done with the charge of Marion's trusty steed, a 1954 VW. It had mechanical brakes and these little arm like turn signals that popped up out the car door post when turning. But hey, “The People's Car” got us all the way to Rome and back with no problems...!

The second time I went to Garmisch was on a 3 day pass with my friend Ken Nendick, staying again at the GI's Sheridan Plaza.

This trip was more relaxed because this was the final destination, which meant there was more time to explore the area. However, as I recall, this trip did produce one unpleasant and rather painful experience.

One of the side trip “to do's” in this area is to take the Cog Train up into the mountains to the highest point in Germany... The Mighty Zugspitze...! High in the German Alps.

So, the Cog Train is quaint and fun, but it is also very slow. Now that's not a problem going up the mountain, however, it is a serious problem coming back down. Especially if you've tipped a few beers and forgot to use the rest room before that said very sloooow gooooing, with no rest rooms on the train. Needless to say by the time we got back we were basically doubled over in “bladditoriol” agony, bounding from the train and running to nearest tree for relief. Whew... that was not fun...!

If you've never been to Garmiach it's definitely a trip you will always cherish. I have wonderful memories of the area, and some nice images also, as you will see.

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