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Charlie Battery Kleingartach Today - Back To Nature

By Friends In Germany And Former Battery Members

Full Circle

This part of the web site brings us full circle in the Charlie Battery, 3rd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery saga. We came, we built, we drank beer, and went home. That's it folks, don't ask for anything more. However... the memories are still there. Rich, vivid, and full of personal meaning, importance, and shared experiences that can never be taken from us.

And this section of the web site is also product of many personal links and connections, many of whom I have never seen or formally met in person. After I published the web site I began sharing it with others, one of whom was Clete Hall of the Bravo Battery web site. His site was first 3rd71st site that I found when I started my research, and was an inspiration for me to do this site. So I signed his guest book and he emailed me.

Personal Contact...

It seems that Clete has some contacts in Germany, one of which is a man who did a report on Nike Sites in Germany, or at least on the 3rd71st. I'm still not clear about how all this transpired, but ultimately I think Clete informed this man Herbert of our project, and he contacted me and we have working on this “Charlie Battery Today” project for some months now. It seems that in his research for his original report he could not find out exactly where Charlie Battery was geographically located, and I guess it was always a bit of unfinished business for him.

I mean, isn't that classic about Charlie Battery. We were so far out in the hinterlands that everyone forgot about who we were and where we were. Anyway, he was very excited when I sent him the “Charlie Battery Location” PDF link that I did pinpointing the exact location of the site via Google Earth.

Battery Overview

For a complete overview and description of the Charlie Battery location and road layout, “Click Here” to view/download this informative PDF Book. So, living a few hours due south of the battery, he went up and visited the location and took the images that are on the following page.

Herbert is dedicated, thorough, and committed to see his project through to completion. And those personal qualities have also helped us in our quest of discovery, and we sincerely appreciate knowing Herbert and all the assistance he has given us.

And Still More...

It's now over yet. Herbert discovered that Niederhofen has some historical archives about Charlie Battery. However, in order for them to be accessed he will have to do the research himself. So, I guess that all will depend on his time and interest. Of course we may not want to know that info, they may be police records of escapades rather forgotten... Heh heh...!

So thank you Herbert...! Thank you for bringing us full circle in our shared experiences. Now you are a part of our collective experience as well. And if any of you Charlie Battery members want to thank Herbert personally contact me and I will give you his email address.

And the beat goes on...! After nearly 9 years of an on and off local project, we are proud and honored to announce that after 50 years our time is still remembered...! Installed at each of the battery areas are Kiosks that document and give historical information and pictures of just what was the mission and activities at Charlie Battery. Photos can be wiewed starting on page 3 of this section. Thank you and Vielen Dank...!