Academy Hotel, Colorado Springs, Co
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Reunions Through The Years

A Photo History Of Comradeship & Brotherhood

When Reunions really got going they tended mainly to happen in Branson, Missouri. I have never been there, but I have come to learn that Branson set itself to specialize in package reunions because it is kind of a theater show town. So they have hotels and a lot of activities that make it appealing for that kind of entertainment.

There were also Reunions in other parts of the country such as Colorado Springs, Co., and Huntsville, Alabama. The Reunion in Colorado Springs was really a lot of fun, with interesting activities. One of the best was a tour of the Air Force Academy, which is about 30 to 45 minutes north of Colorado Springs.

What made the Colorado Springs event so much fun was that we basically took over the Academy Hotel, which in itself was a beautiful hotel and a perfect choice. The mast head photos at the top of this page are of the Academy Hotel. It had a large open space which made it easy for people to gather and visit. The hotel was very accommodating and happy to have us there. So, except for the outside tours, everything was there in the hotel, which made it all very easy and accessible.

I think there were about 300 to 350 people at the event, and it was a very jovial and really great

energy gathering. I think there were less than 10 guys from Charlie Battery that I knew, but it was very easy to mix and exchange experiences with anyone who was there. All in all I am really glad that I attended and look back in the event with fond memories and experiences.

Also, smaller Reunions happen on more of Unit level as well. Guys who were just good buddies have maintained contact and friendships over the years and arrange to meet in different parts of the country, mainly in the east, on an annual basis.

However, as time marches on and we get older the Reunions seem to be winding down, as many of us find it harder to get around and make long journeys.

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