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Florence American World War II Cemetery

A Sobering, Moving, And Emotional Experience

I put this section off until the end of my project because I knew that it was going to very difficult to present this photographic record in an honorable and dignified manner, and frankly I was a bit hesitant because I really didn't know what to say.

However, after spending some time going back and forth between images reconnecting with this emotional experience, I realized the best way to go was to say as little as possible.

Marion Naeger and I were on the return part of our leave from the battery, to Munich, Garmisch, Innsbruk, Austria, through the Brenner Pass into central Italy, over to Venice, then to Bologna, down the spine of Italy, and finally to Rome. We chose to return via the Italian Riviera, up into Switzerland, back into Germany and to the Battery.

So after leaving Rome we cut a diagonal up to Florence and over towards the west coast of Italy, which is how we came upon the Florence American Cemetery. It wasn't a planned or expected destination. At first we were a bit stunned at what we had come upon, but there was no hesitation or question, we had to stop and pay our respects

One can read, or see images about these situations, but until one is confronted with this kind of reality, well, it's just not something we usually deal with on a day to day basis.

So if one takes the time to consider the emotional gravity, it can definitely be disconcerting and overwhelming.

We spent a fair amount of time there in quiet reflection. The shear volume of sacrifice was, I think, part of what was so emotionally overpowering.

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