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Charlie Battery Hardheim Today - Back To Nature

By Friends In Germany And Former Battery Members

A Nike Site

Unfortunately since publishing the Hardheim section of the Charlie Battery website in the Spring of 2013 no one has chosen to contribute anything to that experience. So areas of the Hardheim section that have no content to view have been entered into Moth Ball status. To new viewers to the website we apologize for the lack of content.

There are a few images in this section that were taken by our Military Historian friend Thomas, who lives in Heilbronn. He volunteered to drive up to Hardheim and take some pictures for us. We are grateful for his friendship and contributions to our website, which are many. Vielen dank Thomas...!

Those areas that have been put into Moth Ball status, although no longer visible, are still on the server and can be easily reactivated. The whole point of a website is to provide information, both visual as well as text, so empty pages are pointless. It basically doesn't make sense to to display a whole section of twenty plus web pages with no content.

In Hardheim

The reason why is that it inconviences people, detracts from the web site, as well as being poor web etiquette.

So no offense is intended...! Of course the Honor Roll and Guestbooks sections will still be faithfully Honored.

I'm still hopeful you Hardheimers will take two paces forward. I know it was “Hard Times in Hardheim”, but you should have recovered by now, ready to document and tell us your collective story. Besides... We want to hear it...!

And Remmember: Click the thumbnail images on the following pages to display an even larger image. Then click anywhere outside of the larger image and it will close itself.