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Charlie Battery - 1959 - 1961

Site News - Summer 2011





Ah Spring...! Finally...

ell, I hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Here in the Northwest the rhododendron are finally blooming. They usually bloom in late March and April, but we have had a very cool and wet winter and early spring. It seems like every area of the U.S. has had its own severe weather experiences this spring.

Changes Changes

There are yet more changes here at the web site. It seems like the more things change, the more it stays the same.

“New” old Charlie Battery members continue to step forward and offer new stories, images, and memorabilia. We would like to thank Jerry Haslett from the "Eastside" of Washington State, Tom Hodges (1965-1967) in Montana, and Jerry Merrick from New Mexico for their contibutions of images, memorabilia, and stories that continue to fill in visual and verbal record of our shared expience. And we are grateful to Fred Van Zandt for writing the IFC cover page.

I have had great conversations with both Jerry,Tom, and Jerry in the passed few months, and it turns out that Jerry Haslett and I were also stationed at the same Nike site in the states before shipping out to West Germany. Yes, the old Delta Battery, 1st Missile Battalion, 52nd Artillery at Camp Hanford was defending the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the southeast corner of Washington State.

I found an image on the web that clearly documents the site as it was, so please “Click Here” to view that image. It was damn hot in the summer, and damn cold in the winter, so I leaped at the chance when they asked for volunteers to serve in Europe.

Jerry Haslett has also contributed a collection of images that document a NATO Demonstration of high tech weapons held in Munich in 1960. It is a rather unique, and dare I say, and possibly rare collection of images that I couldn't find any where else, at least on the internet. This collection may be found under the NEW navigation bar heading of “Assigned TDY's/NATO”. More about the Navigation Bar changes later.

The Tom Hodges images really give us an idea of how the site changed over the years. They even built a “Bier Garten” just off the canteen, and a stones throw from the main gate. Most of his image can be found in the "Barracks" area, with some great images in “Our Neighborhood”. It seems that in Tom's time at Charlie Battery they actually went into the field. I do remember that towards the end of my tour we were begining to take steps to become mobile.

Tom also contributed some archival material that can be veiwed in the "Archives" section, which hopefully, will continue to expand.

Jerry Merrick's images come mostly from our time at Gerszewski Barracks, and are a combination on post and on pass shots. They are good ones, especially the one of PFC Wheat riding an Ajax in Assembly trying to break it in.

Navigation Bar Changes

I changed the Navigation Bar a bit again to reflect the additional information that has been contributed.

The main change that needed was to have a more general heading when it came to Charlie Battery activities that occurred off site and on a temporary basis (TDY).

This includes the ASP to Fort Bliss/McGregor Range, which was it's own heading, however, when we received the NATO Demonstration collection I decided to bring them together under the new heading that now exists.

I racked my brain to come up with a better heading title, but alas, none came to me. Therefore, if anyone has a better idea for that general classification please advance and be recognized. And that means you Private...!

And of course, and as usual, that also includes the general site look and content. All imput and constructive suggestions are welcome.

New Sections

Fitzpatrick and I are working on the “Honor Roll” section and we do plan to have a section for “Reunions” and its images of all who attended them. If anyone has some favorite reunion images you would like to have included let me know and we can work out how to get them to me.s

Of course there are the get togethers that everyone attended, but there may be some images people have taken that are away from the main events that you would like to include and share with everyone.

Reaching the End

After Fitz and I finish the above two sections, it seems as though we are reaching a point where less and less new information is coming forward, thereby rendering the site rather static and less interesting to visit on a regular basis.

I did add some music links of songs that was popular in the early sixties. They are in the Archives section and are links to UTube videos, and are really in good visual condition for how old they are.

I guess that is the way of things, unless anyone of you can offer some ideas or ways to keep the site new and interesting.

So everyone sit back and enjoy the materials. We appreciate all of the participation, interest, and support. So to all who came forward...

Thanks Guys...!

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