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Charlie Battery - 1959 - 1961

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New Pages On Site

here are new pages on the Charlie Battery web site. Also, the navigation bar at the top of each web page has been rearranged in order to accommodate this new content.

We are most excited to present “Charlie Battery Today” as the site is at this moment in time. I think you will be quite amazed at the changes over the last 30 years. We now have a gentleman in Germany who has kind of become Charlie Battery's man on the ground. He does good work and has a keen interest in the Nike experience and I've been most happy to work with him and view his efforts. So thank you Herbert, we really appreciate your help and friendship. There is more to read on those pages.

Also Coming...

Also coming are some images provided by Ken Nendick of the Chicago area. He sent me about 15 color slides, with a great shot of the barracks taken from the reservoir, as well as some down in the launching area around the ready room. And there are also some great Schloss Shots from southern Germany that I will incorporate on the Garmisch page.

The slides have been sent to the digitizer and I am looking forward to processing and getting them up on line for all to see. So, guys, please check around in your closets and desks to see if you have any images to contribute. And if you don't have a scanner, send them to me I will scan them and return them promptly.

Also, Ken had a great idea, which was to make the four villages listed below the Charlie Battery Banner at the top of the page web links. I know in Europe they have made internet access a high priority, however, I'm not sure it has reached villages like these four, let alone them having a websites. However, I will look into it. I can make the banner graphic an “Image Map” that will make them web links. So thanks for the suggestion Ken.

And Finally...

And finally, what else is new is the page you are reading right now. I am going to try to make this the current news and information page that deals with what's happening now. I doubt if there will much “Breaking News”, but it might be worth checking back once in a while just to keep in touch...! And if anyone has any stories that pops into your head you think is worth sharing, let me know. I get tired of doing this all myself, so let's get creative guys, Fall In...! Oh never mind... At Ease...! Except for you Nendick, stop sitting in your car and get out there and police that baseball field...! NOW Private...!

Branson Reunion Coming Soon

Well, it's that time again. The time when old friendships are renewed and strengthened, memories are swapped and retold, and the most important thing is share that common bond that we all took part in at a time when we had to toe the mark and stand tall.

No matter how many times I scan the my satellite cable TV program guide on the military channel I've never seen any programming about 24/7/365 duty that the Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules Guided Missile Sites contributed to the peaceful resolve of the cold war. Maybe I missed it, did anyone else see any programming about the fore mentioned subject?

I keep telling myself that I should, or maybe we should write a letter the Military Channel and set them straight. Maybe that could be a Charlie Battery project. Anybody have any thoughts on the subject, or want to be chairman of the committee? I would be interested to know your collective thoughts.

View The Reunion Itinery PDF...

Anyway there is quite a gathering and entertainment schedule set up and I have created a PDF that outlines the events for the week. So Click Here to download the Official itinerary. It also has B T & T's contact and toll free number info, so check it out...! I know that those who have already signed-up have been sent a schedule, however, for those who have yet to do so maybe it will help you make the decision, and here is the Branson Ticket and Travel web link.

A Branson Reunion Web Page...

I intend to add a Branson Reunion web page after the event has concluded and everyone gets back home to review their experience. So guys, take some great pictures and remember the great stories told so we can have content for that series of web pages. I am hoping that you guys will share your photos, so everyone can share in the experience, especially those who, for what ever reason, can't make the event. So please keep that in mind.

And finally, I hope everyone has a great time...!

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