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Charlie Battery - 1959 - 1961

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WINTER - 2010


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he Navigation Bar has change because I have reorganized the Roll Call/Rosters Option to be a more general "Archives" section.

This section features the Charlie Battery Rosters, as well as other archival documents, such as a 1959 Thanksgiving Day Menu provided by Jim Fitzpatrick. Also included is a Certificate of Appreciation that I created and sent to the Archives Technician at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, along with various other documents of interest in the Charlie Battery historical record

Web Site Domain Name Renewed

With the help of 10 Charlie Battery Members and myself fronting the money, the web site domain name has been renewed for a period of five (5) years. When I originally bought the name I purchased it for only 1 year, mainly because I didn't know if the site would catch on. But fortunately there is great interest and enthusiasm, so when the deal came along I went for it.

I was able to take advantage of a 30$% discount from Go Daddy, so we got a 104 dollar charge for 72 dollars. Fifty-five dollars have been donated so far to help with the cost, and for those interested in helping there are 3 five dollar options still left to complete the transaction. So check with me to make sure that the options are still available before sending me a check.

Jim Fitzpatrick was kind enough to lead the request for assistance from members who attended the 3rd 71st Reunion last month at Branson. I would like to take a moment of thank the following personnel: Jim Fitzpatrick, Bill Griffin, Bill McHugh, Vern Jasmund, Rich Picariello, Jerry Winningham, Gary Norton, Moody Barrentine, and Lionel Gonzales. And since the reunion Ken Nendick has come forward with a contribution, thanks Ken.

Update: Since publishing this edition Bob Collis, SP-5 Section Chief, Missile/Launcher Electro-Mechanical Section, 195th Ordnance Detachment, 3rd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery has come forward with a contribution. Bob Collis and the 195th Ordnance STILL supporting Charlie Battery. Please read Bob's entry in our Guestbook, it's a good one. Thanks Bob...!

BREAKING NEWS:    Our fund raising goal has been achieved...!

What I love about everyone chipping a few dollars each is that it really does make it OUR site.

So THANK YOU GUYS...! Your interest and support makes it all worth it.

Former Charlie Battery Personnel...

We have several new/former Charlie Battery personnel that have checked into the orderly room in the past couple of months. First is Tom Hodges who served at the site in the mid 60's, and second are Bill Silva and Larry Sievers, who served in the later 60's. We welcome you, we're glad you checked in and like the site. In fact, Bill Silva has offered some images of his time at the site I think you guys will find interesting... a lot of camouflage, so thanks for your contribution Bill.

And Finally...

The web site keeps growing and expanding with new discoveries and with all the new images and stories that everyone contributes, including the assistance and contributions of our good friend Herbert Ade-Thurow in Deutschland. I hope everyone's interest will continue, and I know there are more images and stories out there. So keep digging into your attic and your personal archives, you might have something that could be included in Charlie Battery's archives. You never know what might be interesting and meaningful to the rest of us. But for now... CARRY ON...!

The Reunion - A Great Time Was Had By All

- Click Here For Larger Image -by Bill Griffin - Ocilla, GA

My wife Judy, and I arrived at the lodge of the Ozarks, our place of lodging, at 2 o:clock pm sharp on November 2nd and found the lobby already full of guys from the ole outfit with their wives. It took awhile to get around to meeting and greeting them all.

There were a total of 29 guys present from the 3rd Missile Battalion, 11 present from Charlie battery 1959-1960. The names of those present from Charlie Battery are as follows: William McHugh, Jerry Winningham, Lionel Gonzales. Robert Norkol, Gary Norton, Vernon Jasmund, Richard "Pic" Picariello, Moody Barrentine, Jim Fitzpatrick, Bill Griffin, Allen Marohl, Erv Blumenthal and Ernie Fried.

After meeting and getting reacquainted at 5 o:clock we were served dinner in the conference room. Then from 8-10 o:clock went to the Mickey Gilley show. At the show the 3rd Missile Battalion 71st Artillery was given special recognition and an enthusiastic welcome. So ended our first day.

Our second day began with breakfast in the lodge restaurant. At 9 0:clock the men's business meeting in which a vote was taken as to whether or not to have another reunion in 2012, the vote was yes. Then officers were elected for the 2012 reunion. While the men were having their meeting the ladies went shopping. At 4 o:clock pm we took in a show, "Dixie Stampede Christmas Dinner Show." At 8 0:clock the "Hamner-Barber Variety Show.

Day three began with breakfast, followed by some free time. At 2 o:clock we went to the "Tony Orlando/ Lennon Sisters Christmas Show." At 5 o:clock a buffet dinner at the "Stage Door Canteen." Then, "The Miracle of Christmas Musical" show.

Farewell Banquet...

Day 4 began with breakfast afterwards the day was on our own, we took in the town. At 5 o:clock pm we had our farewell banquet. The banquet included a formal dinner setting with coat and tie. A presentation was given by Warrant Officer Dale Baugh that showed in part the might of our military. After the presentation was made a statement was made ,"If the politicians would turn our military lose the military could solve our problems related to terrorism." That statement got a hearty round of applause.

Day 5 breakfast and departure. Some personal observations: I observed the guys had their same personalities as fifty years ago, their voices were the same, they had the same spirit, there was no mistaking who they were, however, most of them are bald and have put on weight.

I am not sure but I think I was the oldest one there. I am 74 and had prior military service, four years in the united states marine corps which put me about four years older than the guys who served from 1959 and forward.

There was a bond and friendship among the guys even though there were officers including four colonels in the group. When the group was together the enlisted men and officers looked indistinguishable. Everyone was addressed by their first name. Every one had a great time.

Lest we forget I think it was noted that twenty one of the guys have passed away. Jim Fitzpatrick keeps up with details, if you have any questions get in touch with him.

Thank you Bill Griffin for your article on the 3rd 71st Reunion at Branson. It has given those of us who could not attend a good overview of the event. I'm glad everyone had a good time.

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