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Charlie Battery - Kleingartach

Scenes of Our Local Neighborhood - 1959 - 1969

- Click Here For Larger Image -The Gasthaus Linde

As you walk down the hill from the battery towards Niederhofen, you will come to The Linde, and for many guys that is where they stayed until they staggered back up the hill in the dark, and very often very cold.

Many fond memories were of this wonderful Gasthaus. With a beautiful interior and friendly atmosphere, it is very nice to share a meal with friends. In two years they will celebrate The Linde's 100 year anniversary. The Schnitzels that you saw in the Barracks section came from, either the Linde, or the Gasthof Ochsen in Haberschlacht.

- Click Here For Larger Image -The Linde’s Beautiful Warm Interior

The person who runs the Linde today is Regina, said with a hard G, as in Gasthaus... Pronounced ReGeena.

She is a wonderful person, and she has warm memories of the guys. One of her fondest memories is when she was about 5 or 6 years old she received a package containing a Teddy Bear. The note inside simply said, "From A G.I.", and she never forgot that moment. So if any of you guys remember giving a little girl at the Linde a Teddy Bear, please take two paces forward soldier... A great guy with a big heart...!

Her mother, was running the Gasthaus, when many of us were at the battery. She had many fond memories of the guys, and she was the one who cooked most of those Schnitzels we enjoyed. Sadly, she passed away this past Spring of 2018.

- Click Here For Larger Image -Entering Beautiful Downtown Niederhofen in 1960

This is the main road into the village coming down from the Battery.

The Gasthaus Rose is just up the hill and round the bend. Our home away from home...!

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Entering Downtown Niederhofen in 2012

This photo is from the same view as the image above, but is from a little bit farther back, so the changes really are apparent.

There are still landmarks that orient the eye, like the tall building on the far right, and the church spire in the distant center of the road, but there has been much change in Niederhofen.

If you stretch your browser out vertically and use the scroll bar to fit the first four images in the window, then it helps see all the differences.

Thank you Uwe for the images you have provided., we appreciate your contribution.

Image by Uwe Koch - Kleingartach, Deutschland - 2012

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Intersection At Gasthaus Rose Close up

You can see the sign of the Gasthaus Rose sticking out on the first building to the left at the top of the rise.

The turn to the right is the same street that funeral procession is on, and can be viewed on the two photos at the bottom of this page. They are walking towards the Gasthaus Rose.

So.... going past this intersection, and around to the left, the road continues on to Kleingartach. We do have a photo that illustrates this road that is entering Niederhofen from Kleingartach. You can see that photo by “Clicking Here”, then use the link in the photo text, or the browser “Back Arrow”, to return to this page.

- Click Here For Larger Image -New Bus Stop At The Intersection

I can not see any sign of the Gasthaus Rose in this picture. Even when I use the powerful magnifying tool in Photoshop can I see any structure that resembles the original building.

It would be a shame if that historical building did not survive. I hope it was not sacrificed for the bus stop.

April 7, 2012...

It is with a sad heart that I must announce that the Gasthaus Rose has been demolished to make room for a Bus Stop. I can' believe it...!

Uwe Koch of Kleingartach, who provided the photo to the right, informed me of the news after I e-mailed him stating that I could not find the Rose in this image. As he remembers, it occurred the end of the 70's or early 80's when they rebuilt the road.

Image by Uwe Koch - Kleingartach, Deutschland - 2012

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Yours Truly, Neil Watson, and Howie Watson Passing The Time

Here we are in the Gasthaus Rose, where we hung out a lot...! It was a nice place to pass the time. People were friendly and I don't remember any bad times that could flare up in other places, and the tables had tablecloths, which was a nice homey touch.

And no... Neil Watson and Howie Watson are not related, except as a “Band of Brothers”

- Click Here For Larger Image -Leo Brach at Gasthaus Rose - Niederhofen</p>

Hey Leo, come on back inside and have some schinkenwurst and a bier...!

This is the Gasthaus Rose sign mentioned two images above. If you look hard enough you will see some text just below the sign.

Written into a carved inset of the entrance frame lentil just below the sign, is some writing that is hard to make out, but it states the name Wilhelm Bleimaier, and below the name it states “Erbaut 1876”, or built in 1876

The more I study this image, I think what we have here is a builder who signed his work, much like an artist who signs a work of art, which is pretty cool...!

- Click Here For Larger Image -Niederhofen Schulkinder

I think this is the Kindergarten through the 5th grade class at Niederhofen Elementary School.

Image by Jim Fitzpatrick - Pennsylvania - 1960

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- Click Here For Larger Image -Residential Niederhofen - 1960

This was taken at the intersection of this straße and the Neiderhofen/Kleingartach road, the Gasthaus Rose is just behind us.

This photo and the one just below are taken from almost exactly the same spot, the only thing different is that they were taken 52 years apart

On the far right, and on the porch, it looks Großmutter is talking on her cell phone.