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Charlie Battery Personnel Roster Honor Roll

The Last Roll Call In Memory of Those Who Served

With all honor and respect we present this page as a tribute to those who have served and gone on ahead of us in the miraculous journey that we all participate in and watch unfold, whether in this life and/or what ever it morphs into next.

I am happy that we were able to finally accomplish this important part of the web site, as it represents who and what Charlie Battery was and still is, and I hope all are satisfied with how it is represented.

The dates listed have been compiled from the official U.S. Army Rosters on our “Archives” web page, and are as close a time frame that I could come with based on biannual roster reports.

However, I do not have all of the rosters all of the years for Kleingartach, and none for Hardheim, so I can't complete the "Bios" for many of those listed.

If you can fill in the gaps with your personal historical information about one your comrades then please send the info. Also, if your relative or friends photo is not what you like you're welcome to send me one that you prefer. Contact me via email using the link listed in the footer at the bottom of each web page, or call me using the Current Membership Roster periodically sent to all on that email list.

In addition, one very important way you can help is to contact Veterans Records using the link on our “Archives” web page and request the rosters for the years, i.e., the time you were there, and send them to me so I can incorporate them into the Official Archives Record of our unit. It would really help if members would step up and help out in this way.

And finally, for me, working on this section has been a rather personal and somewhat emotional experience, which was not expected. Welcome to you all...!