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The 195th Ordnance Detachment Headquarters

A Story And Photo History

- Click Here For Larger Image -The 195th Ordnance Detachment's Headquarters

Their headquarters was located at Gerswzewski Barracks in Knielingen, Germany, which is just outside of the large city of Karlsruhe, on the river Rhein.

This building served both as, the office/maintenance shop, 1st floor, as well as their barracks, on the second floor.

- Click Here For Larger Image -Production Control Office/Orderly Room

- Click Here For Larger Image -Bob Collis At Gerszewski Barracks

Bob Collis, SP-5
Section Chief, Missile/Launcher Electro-Mechanical Section
195th Ordnance Detachment, 3rd Missile Battalion, 71st Artillery

Bob was in the 195th Ordnance Detachment, 3rd Battalion, 71st Artillery from 2/61-8/62 stationed in Kneilingen (Karlsruhe), Germany, providing Ordnance services to the four Nike sites of 3rd 71st.

It's been great to have contact with Bob, he has expressed good experiences while performing maintainence at Charlie Battery, and in particular the good chow provided by Sgt. Otto and his crew. Bob has become a welcomed supporter of the web site and of the project overall.

Thank you Bob...!